Apple Planting New Seeds (New Stores)

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Unless Apple is recruiting staff for “phantom” retail stores in Germany and Switzerland, you can expect to see new Apple shops sprouting up in Munich, Geneva and Zurich. In Europe, Apple now only operates retail in UK, Ireland and Italy.

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Plugging into Green Plug

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 Green technology will be a CeBIT theme this year. In USA, start-up GreenPlug wowed Demo conference-goers with Greentalk, a Universal Power Protocol chip that could be used at the heart of adapters and power hubs. Green Plug is encouraging OEMs to adopt the technology, which means they would have to make fewer different types of adapters.


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One Phone Shall Rule All

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Apple's iPhone is the most in-demand and most-satisfying phone, says researcher ChangeWave who says record numbers of US consumers are abandoning basic phones for more advanced models. iPhone and Blackberry lead the trend in a survey of 4182 consumers. 

72% of iPhone owners are "very satisfied," while only 55% for Blackberry, 34% Motorola, 34% Sony Ericsson, 34% Samsung 34% and 305 for Palm.

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Kyocera set to buy Sanyo unit

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Kyocera will buy Sanyo's loss-making mobile phone unit for 378m euros. After 3 years of losses (and coaching by Goldman Sachs), Sanyo hopes to rebuild focusing on solar cells and Kyocera wants to create the world's 6th biggest handset maker.

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WalMart Doubles Budget to Build Global E-Commerce

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Wal-Mart will double its international capital expenditure for IT and spend $200m on global e-commerce. To offset slowing U.S. growth, Wal-Mart’s international division set up a new e-commerce unit with a 5-year plan to build a global platform to sell groceries, general merchandise and digital products and link up stores with call centres. The goal is a software equivalent of Lego blocks that could be readily deployed in different markets. In USA, sells $2bn a year and only Amazon has more visitors. Go WalMart International 

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