New Memory Company: Numonyx B.V.

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Headquartered in Switzerland and incorporated in the Netherlands, Numonyx begins with 7000 employees worldwide with facilities in USA, Italy, China, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Numonyx gets a substanial worldwide patent portfolio from parents Intel and STMicroelectronics. The patents and applications cover a variety of technologies including flash memory and PCM, graphics, cell phones, storage media, processors, semiconductor manufacturing and packaging, and various consumer devices.

The new company starts as a dedicated memory specialist serving customers who make a variety of consumer and industrial devices including cellular phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, ultra-mobile computers and other high-tech equipment.

The company is the leading provider of NOR flash memory and holds a considerable line-up of NAND technologies and DRAM products. Numonyx becomes 3rd largest non-volatile memory provider with approximately US$3 billion annual revenue.

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