Turning iDevices into Security Cameras

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People Power

People Power finds use for any spare iPads, iPhones or iPods your customers might have-- it releases Presence, an app turning iDevices into wireless home-monitoring cameras.

The app allows users to set one device as a video camera while another acts as a monitor, with the "camera" device providing a live feed to the "monitor" over wifi.

Further options include motion detection (the app records a 5-second clip once it detects motion before sending an email alert), simple if/then security camera programming, face-to-face 2-way audio and multiple device support.

"Presence rocks the home automation industry as the first free, self-installable camera and service," People Power claims.

Also included in the app is a list of available accessories-- including stands, tripods, extra-long cables and extra chargers. People Power is also looking into deals with accessory makers before eventually turning the app into a control point for further connected devices around the home.

The Presence app is a free download in the Apple App store.

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