The Samsung IFA Printer Showcase

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The Samsung IFA 2013 stand features more than just smartphones and smartwatches-- the company also shows off a trio of curious printer design concepts, the "Wave," "Indie" and "One & One."

Samsung printersThen again the company does want to accelerate its  "leadership in mobile printing," so perhaps its consideration of outlandish ideas ("what if a printer could double as a speaker?") comes as less of a surprise, seeing how Samsung printers already carry functionality of the app, Wifi Direct, Google Cloud Print and NFC variety...

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The first Samsung concept printer we will look at is the Wave. It features a "minimal, organic design," doubles as a smartphone dock and prints saved material directly from the docked device.

The retro-style Indie concept also acts as a dock, and actually plays music while one is printing. Handy!

The final design is the most conventional looking, but also the most baffling-- the One & One "allows the user to print using 2 colors by designating one additional color from cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black." In other words, it is a mono printer with an additional colour cartridge, giving "a wider range of choice" and "enhancing the user experience." As one does.

Fans and retailers of more conventional printers should not feel too left out at Samsung's IFA 2013 presence, mind. The company stand also shows off actual products, including the Xpress C460 and the M2070 laser NFC-capable laser printer and MFP (multi-function printer) series.

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