Pioneer Augments Driving With NavGate

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Pioneer combines smartphone navigation apps with a projector and a glass visor in the NavGate, an augmented reality navigation system providing users with the illusion of a display covering the road ahead.

Pioneer NavGateRevealed at IFA 2013, the NavGate is compatible with USB-equipped smartphones and gathers information from the CoPilot and iGo primo apps. It beams a 30-inch display roughly 3m in front of the driver via DLP projector.

The display overlays location information (such as turn-by-turn directions, speed limits, distance, clock and estimated time of arrival) over the landscape, creating an admittedly futuristic effect.

One can mount the NavGate on the sun visor, and can easily remove it for theft protection.

"Two essential elements for driving are having a clear view on the road and knowing where you're going," Pioneer says. "Our NavGate HUD has been designed with both of those ideas in mind, ensuring drivers navigate without losing focus, keeping distractions to a minimum."

The NavGate hits the market from October 2013.

Go Pioneer Introduces NavGate HUD