QuattSecure Security System

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The QuattSecure security system from the German manufacturer dnt GmbH is a complete kit for camera surveillance for smaller businesses.

For installation, you do not need an extra screen or complex cabling. The camera transmits its images (in the open, distances of up to 300 meters) without interference by radio to a 17.78 cm (7'') screen. You can set it up in the house at any location. No program installation is needed.

The 4-in-1 live image display of the QuattSecure professional model brings all four camera images simultaneously in view.

An infrared night vision mode and "alarm recording" (motion detector activates the camera recording) adds to the features.

A USB / SD port allows all camera shots simultaneously on an SD card (up to 32GB, sold separately). You can save on a USB stick or an external hard drive (up to 1TB) and later analyze the video in peace. The record contains the date and time and can also be manually triggered by remote control or timer.

dnt's camera surveillance system sells at a suggested retail price of €549.95 including VAT for (QuattSecure professional) or €239.00 incl. (QuattSecure starter).

Go QuattSecure by dnt GmbH