The Wake Up Call of Cold, Hard Reality

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Fig proposes a means of waking one up using the power of cold, hard reality-- the ALARMclock, a retro-style alarm clock promising to "efficiently end dreaming" through the use of personal information.

ALARMclockFollowing the maxim that "nothing gets you up in the morning like the things that keep you up at night," the ALARMclock connects to a web-based UI via wifi and mobile devices, and gathers user statistics on personal finances, friend numbers and life expectancy. Once sleeping time is over, it provides the coldest of mental cold showers around by instilling fears of financial instability, social insecurity and, ultimately, death.

The actual device amounts to a Raspberry Pi micro-PC packed inside a nice-looking bamboo box. A smoked glass mirror faceplate frames an 8x32 2-bit LED array showing the time and simple (if charming) motivational animations, all in the name of starting the day "unencumbered by fantasy or wishful thinking."

The ALARMclock is currently available in preorder form on Kickstarter, where it already smashed past the $7000 pledge goal amount. clearly Fig have  enough of motivation to push a decidedly anti-motivational product, right?

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