A KORG in littleBits Form

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Open source electronics vendor littleBits teams up with electronic instrument maker KORG and launches the littleBits Synth Kit-- a stripped down MS-20 analogue synth as broken into snap-together components.

littleBits KORGThe kit contains 12 modules-- 2 oscillators, envelope and filter units, keyboard, 4-step sequencer, random noise generator, 2-channel mixer, delay effect, power source and speaker. Each component is colour coded (blue for power, pink for input, green for output, orange for wire) and carries magnets on either side for easy snapping in a specific direction.

Users can combine components from multiple Synth Kits (as well as other littleBits products) to create many different instruments. Once finished, users can connect the results to recording or live sound equipment.

Also included in the kit are instructions for 10 projects, including a keytar and a synth spin table.

The littleBits Synth Kit ships from December 2013.

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