The Paper Plane Upgrade

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Inventor Shai Goitein believes the humble paper plane is in need of an upgrade-- thus the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module, a small device turning regular sheets of copier paper into app-controlled flying machines.

PowerUp3.0The device consists of a miniature motor complete with rudder attached to a "crash-proof" carbon fibre frame. A built-in battery promises up to 10 minutes of flight on a single charge (rechargeable via micro USB port), while a Bluetooth Smart radio provides signal range of around 55m.

Handling control duties is a smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android) app allowing one to control paper planes by simply tilting a device left and right.

The PowerUp 3.0 is currently on crowdfunding/preorder site Kickstarter, where it already soared way past an initial $50000 funding goal (the amount pledged at the time of writing stands at over $360000). Following the Kickstarter campaign a final retail version should hit the market on June 2014.

Go PowerUp 3.0 (Kickstarter)