How to Hide a SteamOS PC

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Jetpack PCBritish PC maker PiixL comes up with an elegant means of keeping a SteamOS-powered games machine out of sight-- the Jetpack, a home theatre PC (HTPC) slim enough to attach on the back of a flatscreen TV.

An update on PiixL's earlier EdgeCenter HTPCs, the JetPack features an expandable chassis users can mount on larger TVs (32- to 70-inch) via standard VESA mounts. It will be available in multiple "deeply optimised" configurations complete with overclocked Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia Titan/GTX780 GPUs and up to 1TB SSD storage.

As well as SteamOS the Jetpack runs other operating systems (namely Windows), presumably via dual-boot options.

The JetPack ships from January 2014.

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