A More Affordable Smart Lock?

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Danish home automation vendor Poly-Control claims it is the first to "take an affordable smart lock product out of the prototype stage and into the consumer market" with the Danalock key-free door lock solution.

Dana-lockAs well as a relatively low  ($99) price tag the Danalock differs by being easy to install-- it does not replace the existing deadbolt but fits into the inside face of the door, allowing use of existing, physical keys.

“Installing Danalock takes a screwdriver (included in the box), 10 minutes, and a download of our app to a smartphone," the company claims.

The Danalock comes in circular or square variants with wireless connectivity coming through either Z-Wave, Bluetooth or both. The Z-Wave version allows remote operation over the internet and integration with home automation systems, while the Bluetooth version connects only to mobile devices via app. Power comes through standard batteries, so locks stay on in case of power outage.

Both versions allow the unlimited creation of temporary or permanent virtual keys, with no additional charges for virtual keys or the actual service.

Poly-Control also promises high levels of security, and says Danalock is also ideal for hotels, the home exchange market and commercial properties.

“Traditional keys are easy to lose and copy, keypad codes can be easily shared or forgotten, and biometrics are expensive and a challenge to install," Poly-Control says. "The smart lock is a beautifully designed, simple to use device accompanied by a single mobile app that runs on your smartphone. And how great is the feeling of not having to always remember your keys?”

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