BDA Confirms 4K Blu-ray Discs

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In good news for early adopters Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) confirms it is working on Blu-ray discs with UHD/4K support, having recently approved a draft extension to the standard.

4K Blu-rayAs it stands the Blu-ray standard is limited to HD video, meaning it is not good enough for the UHD TVs seen at CES 2014 and any of the trade shows to take place during the year. UHD streaming of select content is available on the likes of Netflix, but such services require high-bandwidth internet connections.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the technical blueprint for UHD Blu-ray should be available by end 2014. Such work involves 17 companies, including Sony, Technicolor, Dolby, Fox and Disney.

Meanwhile the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) consortium also plans to add UHD support to cloud-based distribution service UltraViolet, with potential for high dynamic range and related features.

“4K (Ultra HD) is on our roadmap, and this will need to be a standard since it needs to work on a variety of devices and platforms,” DECE general manager Mark Teitell tells THR. “We’re also looking at high dynamic range, color space and frame rate. It’s likely to be a combination of those attributes that will represent the next generation. We are looking at what we need to do and take the best combination.”

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