The Learning Cone Speaker

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Aether claims customers will be able to cut through the hassle of sorting through music streaming services with the Cone, a wireless speaker able to learn what and when users like to listen to.

Cone Unsurprisingly shaped like a soft-edged cone, the speaker connects to home networks and streaming services via wifi (no sources confirmed other than Airplay compatibility) and features a single means of control-- a dial built inside the speaker grill.

Turning the dial right plays another track, turning left replays the previous track, tapping the centre pauses playback and big twist plays a random track as based on previous user preferences. Users can also summon speech-based control for specific requests by holding the centre button.

The casing also carries a 3-inch woofer and dual tweeters powered by a digital 12S 2.1 20W amp, as well as a battery promising up to 8 hours of use. Setup also requires a smartphone, but the mobile device does not provide control.

Aether hopes to start shipping the Cone by Q3 2014, with initial units available in black with a copper back casing.

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