Bayonet Mounts in Future iPhones?

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According to the recently revealed US Patent No. 8687299 future iPhone models might become just a bit more interesting to budding photographers via bayonet mount mechanism allowing the attachment of different camera lens accessories.

iPhone camera First filed on 2012, the simply titled "Bayonet Attachment Mechanisms" describes a iPhone-size version of the lens attachment mechanism found in many modern cameras. The mount aligns and securely attaches a lens to the device body while still allowing for a slim device profile.

The patent describes the integration of a bayonet-style mount in the rear-facing camera bezel, with the mount protruding just slightly from the device body. To attach a lens, one simply aligns it with a guide dot before rotating in place.

iPhone bayonetIt also mentions the incorporation of a ramped surface within the bayonet mechanism, allowing the lens to decouple from the device in case the combination is dropped from height.

A bayonet mount might make sense for Apple, since it aligns with the company's aesthetic and practical sensibilities-- the patent notes built-in screw mounts are less attractive (since they protrude further from the case rear), while magnetic mounts are potentially less secure and allow for lens misalignment.

Will Apple actually get in the interchangeable lens game? Rumours long suggested iPhones armed with bigger screens and improved camera sensors, and Japanese blog Macotakara recently suggested the next iPhone will have a slightly protruding camera similar to the one the bayonet mount patent describes...

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