Google Glass Gets Sale, Updates

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For a limited time the curious can get a Google Glass unit without need for referral or signing up to waiting lists-- on 15 April 2014 Google opens the honour of joining the exclusive "Explorer Program" as part of a promotion effort.

GlassholeThe program is still limited, mind, since it is only open for US residents sale will only be available for a day or so. It costs $1500, and Google will throw in either a sunglass shade or a pair of prescription glasses frames.

The promotion comes with a "significant" Glass software update. The headset now runs on Android KitKat for enhanced reliability and battery life, users can post photos in Google Hangouts replies and voice commands get sorted according to recency and frequency.

Meanwhile video call capability (one of the big features initial Glass ads promotes) is out due to not being good enough. According to Google few will miss the feature, as only 10% of users actually used the feature.

Mind the European non-availability of Glass might be for the best, at least for now-- recently Business Insider reporter Kyle Russell was assaulted because of his wearing the device. Russell was walking through San Francisco's Mission District when a person grabbed the Glass right off his face before smashing it into the ground.

How come? Glass is seen as a symbol of inequality in San Francisco, where the high-income Silicon Valley crowd is a direct cause of soaring rent and property prices, forcing long-time natives to move out of the city. Google is trying to allay concerns (it even has a guide encouraging early adopters not be "Glassholes"), but the situation might get worse before it gets better.

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