DigiTimes: HTC To Make Google Tablet

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HTC is the company Google has turned to in the search for the next Nexus tablet maker DigiTimes reports, as the search giant is reportedly dropping previous Nexus 7 producer Asus.

Nexus tabletIf the news source is correct the next Nexus tablet will be an 8-inch number, and should launch sometime on Q3 2014.

Apparently Asus "has not been as aggressive" over making the 3rd Nexus generation-- the reason being Google restrictions over the development of the device.

HTC has already worked with Google on the first Nexus smartphone, 2010's imaginatively named Nexus One.

Furthermore DigiTimes insists Google is also "not very aggressive" about 3rd Nexus generation-- we quote, "the series has already served the purpose of boosting Android's penetration in the tablet market."

Some market watchers even speculate the 3rd Nexus tablet will be the last.

Earlier Nexus-related rumours suggest the tablet might be even larger (8.9-inch) and powered by an Intel processor.

Go Google Reportedly to Partner with HTC for 8-inch Nexus (DigiTimes)