360-Degree Video, Via Donut Camera

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A group of ex-Apple engineers launch a means for customers to shoot 4K resolution panoramic video-- the Centr, a donut-shaped device small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand.

Centr CameraBased on the team's earlier work in military and broadcast cameras, the Centre promises eliminate all the work panoramic video requires, namely the dealing with multiple SD cards and image alignment. It shoots using four independent HD image sensors, while built-in calibration ensures seamless real-time panoramic images. Once filming is done users can view video on PCs or mobile devices via interactive player.

It also carries 8GB storage (expandable via SD card), 3 microphones, USB 3.0 connector, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The company claims the rechargeable battery allows for up to 2 hours of continuous shooting (6 hours standby).

One can hold the camera through the centre hole or mount on a regular tripod. It is also compatible with Go Pro mounts, making it appealing for extreme sports fans.

Like many other interesting yet niche products the Centr is currently taking preorders on Kickstarter, where the makers hope to reach a $900000 pledge goal. Should the crowdfunding campaign be successful the actual camera ships from February 2015.

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