Futuresource Tracks Beats Success

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BeatsAmidst frenzied rumours surrounding Apple and Beats Electronics, new figures from Futuresource Consulting reviewing the global CE market highlight the boom in the Audio market triggered by Beats during the last five years.

While the overall CE market grew by 9% CAGR from 2009 to 2013, Beats grew to $1.5B from a standing start over the same period, and clearly dominate the high end headphones business.

Another company worth noting was Sonos, who doubled its business to $535M over the timeframe.

Unsurprisingly emerging markets dominated the growth, repressing 50% of the market by 2013, with China alone capturing 15%. Growth in Europe was more muted, at around 1.5% CAGR, but the region still accounts for 21% of the market.

Apple itself has seen the iPod business that underpinned the early days of audio accessories expansion transition to iPhone. The steep decline of the iPod in recent quarters is to be expected, and is more than compensated by the explosive growth of the iPhone, up another 17% in Apple’s latest results.

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