Senior Managers Join TCG Retail Summit

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Imagine a conference room crowded with top managers and international experts in TCG retail sharing knowledge, discussing upcoming challenges and trends, networking and negotiating-- delving into the heart of TCG retailing.


This was the first pan-European TCG (technical consumer goods) Retail Summit that took place in Berlin on May 7-8th in the Berlin's Adlon Kempinski Hotel.

Sales figures for Europe, constant and rapid changing consumer behaviors and the success of online retail set the summit format.

The conference captured the attention of TCG retailers from all over Europe, the leading manufactures and the sector’s magazines. Never before has there been such a chance for top decision makers and thought leaders from the electronic, appliance and multimedia sector from all over Europe to meet and share their valuable know-how among each other.

The "who's who" from the sector, 150 senior managers from 20 European countries, attended the event, representing leading organizations in TCG Retail: Euronics, Media-Saturn Dixons, Darty, Electronic Partner and Amazon, were some of the European retailers that were present in the conference.

On the manufacturers’ side, Samsung, TP Vision, Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft, BSH, Electrolux, Miele, Whirlpool, Groupe SEB, Philips and others took advantage of this unique opportunity. Likewise, more than 20 leading national magazines representing almost every European country showed an interest in this innovative initiative byattending and covering the Retail Summit.

Altogether in the two days of the conference, there were 9 presentations  followed by the special highlight of the conference, the  panel discussions on the latest developments in TCG retailing. The panelists had opinion leaders of the sector debating new ways to optimize the value chain and the success factors needed to reinvent retail.

The international speakers, Piers Fawks (Founder & President for PSFK), Tony Stockil (Chief Executive Officer, for Javelin Group), Bryan Roberts (Director of Market Insight for Kantar Retail), and Peter Fensky (Leader Business Unit Retail and Consumer Goods, Europe, Vice President), shed light to the future of retail from a macro and best practice perspective, addressing the topics of e-commerce and reviewing technology’s impact on the TCG sector.

The state of the TCG sector with a historic review of its evolution the last decade along with a future outlook was deeply analyzed by Paul Martin (Managing Director Insight for Boxwood). What will the TCG market look like in 2020 and which will the key growth markets be?

A detailed presentation for the contribution of Consumers´ Electronics as path maker, facilitator and changer of markets and retail landscapes was given by Friedrich Fleischmann, (Global Director Retail World for GFK), explaining the importance of knowing and understanding the new customer journey which no longer distinguishes channels but service levels.

Also, the manufacturing side was represented by Gerald Reitmayr (Head of Retail Europe, Samsung) who shared his deep knowledge of the changing consumer expectations from retail. As anticipated, e-players and trend setters, Amazon and Google were also represented.

Doug Gurr (Vice President, Amazon UK) introduced the audience to a concrete insight on the Amazon’s point of view upon the future of retail. On the other hand, innovation disruptions in retail were the core of Lutz Behrendt´s (Industry Leader Retail, Google) presentation, explaining Google’s innovative strategy in TCG sector and demonstrating today’s consumer hyper-connection and hyper-information status.

By using individual voting devices, the delegates were asked their opinion on the crucial matters that will affect the future of the sector along with an indication on some of their strategic decisions. More than 80% predicted optimistic sales development for this year and the fastest growth for 2014 was to be expected for Eastern Europe.

More than 60% believe that a general recovery of the sector will only occur in at least 2 years’ time. In respect to TCG retail online sales share, 50% of top managers forecasted a share higher than 30% by  the year 2020.

When asked about the displayed assortment in brick & mortar stores in the coming years, the majority of leading retailers estimated a significant decrease, a situation that would motivate them to explore new in-store shopping experience concepts, in order to remain competitive.

Last but not least, while 40% of the top managers stated spending more than 15% of their monthly budget on multichannel activities, Facebook revealed to be the preferred social media channel for their business, with its popularity and usage exceeding 50% among all social media tools.

Besides the opportunity for senior level discussions on the hot topics of the sector, the TCG Retail Summit created an international networking environment giving the chance for strategic opinion exchange.

Chris Buecker, founder of the European TCG Retail Summit and Managing Partner of Retail Plus, commented on the success of the summit:  “The request and interest in this new international business and network platform exceeded our expectations. In addition, the post-event feedback from attendees of the 1st European TCG Retail Summit has been extremely positive. More than 90% of the participants expressed that it is likely or very likely to attend the 2nd Conference next year. And 95% are likely to recommend this first pan-European congress in TCG retail to their peers and business partners. What a better compliment can you get?”

The 1st Pan-European TCG Retail Summit set the ground for an extremely productive process and fully rewarded its participants. The 2nd Pan-European TCG Retail Summit will take place at the end of April 2015.

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