Parrot Shows Off Bebop Drone

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Parrot shows off the latest addition to its popular AR.Drone quadricopter drone lineup-- the Bebop, the first aerial offering from the company to feature an HD camera and a built-in GPS.

Parrot BebopDesigned for flights both inside and outside the house (with styrofoam bumpers providing bump protection), the Bebop carries a 14MP 1080p camera complete with 180-degree fish-eye lens. A combination of sensors and image processing ensures smooth video, even when the drone is flying through choppy airs.

Like previous Parrot drones control comes via app, with the drone connecting to mobile devices via wifi. One can also use GPS to to plot flight routes or simply press a button to send the drone back home.

According to Parrot the wifi connectivity is stronger than that in previous drones via 4 MIMO antennas handling 802.11ac connections at either 2.4 or 5GHz.

For customers wanting to take their flying more seriously the company has a control alternative-- the Skycontroller, an oversized mobile device dock armed with control sticks and a giant antenna extending wifi range to up to 2km. It even features an HDMI-out to plug in external displays or even, for those unafraid of heights or motion sickness, an Oculus Rift VR headset.

The Bebop drone should be available sometime on Q4 2014.

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