The Animated Gif-Cranking Camera

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Digital photography is all well and good, but what if customers ask for an easy way to snap animated pictures? Next Thing suggests a solution with the Otto, an animated gif-taking camera.

Otto cameraEssentially a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a lens inside a disposable camera-style case, the Otto features a rotating crank next to the regular shutter button. Capturing an animated picture simply involves rewinding the crank by one turn, before an app syncs the recording as an animated gif on smartphones.

As well as file transfer the app provides control of just about every camera feature, from image filters and overlays to what actually happens when one presses the shutter button or turns the crank. According to Next Thing the Otto can also provide time lapse photography or act as an impromptu photo booth.

Being Raspberry Pi-based the hardware is hackable, and a micro USB port allows the attachment of accessories such as an Arduino-based programmable flash.

Is the consumer market ready for such a devices? The makers certainly hope so as they take preorders on Kickstarter. If the campaign is successful the first Otto cameras should start shipping from December 2014.

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