Meet Robo-Projector!

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An ex-Google product manager invents the "Robo-Projector." He calls it Keecker and it is a rolling robot with a video projector that can sync with smartphones to turn any wall into a screen for watching movies, checking email, and more.

This is R2D2 if designed by Apple. Keecker frees the screen from its fixed spot. Keecker lets home users watch content anywhere there's enough wall space and no stairs (robots can't climb, yet).

Bill Gates has invented his own home system that allows him to control the photos on screens throughout his home, like a personal digital signage system. Now anyone with Keecker can bring video or photo content to any room, any place, any time.

So at one point, you are showing photos from your vacation in the another, point, you are watching a video of NBA basketball in the living room...or projecting art in the hall as you welcome guests for a cocktail.

Like some other connected home devices (Nest or the Spotter), Keecker can store info or measure the home's CO2 levels and temperature or alert users to unusual activity when they are absent from home.

Keecker has a battery charge good for about a week.

Based in Paris, Keecker was designed by Pierre Lebeau, a former product manager at Google. Keecker's Kickstarter when launched should show the robot is currently estimated to cost between $4000 and $5000.

Hey, let's hope production starts BEFORE the World Cup.

Go Keecker