The iDevice Controlled… Ceiling Fan

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Can anything escape the getting of iDevice-powered smarts? The amusingly named Big Ass Fans unveils "Haiku", supposedly the first "smart" iOS device-controllable ceiling fan.

Haiku fanThe Haiku fan features "SenseMe", a temperature and humidity sensor-based system able to detect the Micro Environment (ME) of a particular space and adjust fan speeds for optimum cooling.

The system even switches the fan off if no one is around, and eventually learns user preferences during different times of the day.

It connects to iDevices (iOS 7+) via wifi, with a companion app providing further functionality such as schedules, different control modes and group fan controls. Users lacking a smartphone can also control the fan via remote.

Fan construction is in durable bamboo in diameters of either 1.3 or 1.5m, with a smart LED light on the fan as an optional extra.

The Haiku fan is currently available on a preorder basis, with shipments to kick off from July 2014.

Go Haiku With SenseME Fan