A Device For SIM-Based Wireless Authentication

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Japanese carrier Docomo announces what it claims is the first SIM-based authentication device-- Portable SIM, a standalone device combining a SIM card with Bluetooth and NFC in a potential SIM card replacement.

Portable SIMAccording to the company Portable SIM will allow users to connect and login to phone networks and transfer information (such as contact and login details) across multiple devices with a simple wave.

Bluetooth connectivity replaces the need to physically insert a SIM card, and Docomo suggests users would even be able to switch subscriber identity between personal and work devices as Portable SIM can securely store multiple login details.

Adding further technology is the fact transferred contacts and details lock if the Bluetooth connection is lost.

Currently the technology fits in a device the size of a small wifi router, but Docomo plans to shrink it down to wearable device proportions. The carrier also plans to bring the technology to smart devices such as TVs, music players and in-car infotainment systems.

Docomo gives no date when Portable SIM will be available-- but in an industry where even the change of SIM card size involves in lengthy legislative issues expect it to take a while, to put it mildly.

Go Docomo Develops World's First SIM-Based Authentication Mini Device