Meet the Smartphone-Connected... Cup

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Do you know what and how much you are drinking? Just in case in case you want to learn more about your hydration, the Vessyl might prove to be something of an app-connected "smart cup" solution.

VessylThe Vessyl is the brainchild of one Justin Lee and Jawbone designer Yves Behar. It looks like a fancy oversized (380ml) container, and carries sensors allowing it to detect what is inside. Apparently it can tell between different strengths of coffee or brands of drinks (such as Pepsi or Coke), with a tilt-activated display letting one know what they are drinking.

More impressively it also pushes the drink's nutritional data to smartphones via Bluetooth and companion app, and even tells users how much they should drink via "Pryme," a NikeFuel-style metric for overall hydration.

Further features include a magnetic lid for spill prevention and a wireless saucer-style charger.

The company does not detail how the sensors actually works, but claims they are non-contact, non-degrading and can handle recognize thousands of different beverages, including multiple kinds of wine and beer.

Will Vessyl prove to be the next evolutionary step in fitness-tracking devices? We will know once the smart cup hits the market sometime on early 2015.

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