The Doorbell as Smart Home Hub

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Nucano announces what it describes the industry's first smart doorbell-- self-explanatory Nucano Smart Door Chime, a device acting as both door bell and a DIY home automation hub.

ANucanoccording to the company the Smart Door Chime not only lets one know if there's someone at their door, but also connects and controls over 1000 existing devices (including door locks, thermostats and cameras) via either wifi or Z-Wave.

Once connected, the Smart Door Chime pairs with a smartphone (iOS and Android) app and sends mobile alerts or even video once anyone rings the bell. It also provides inside and outside temperature readings and even lets users change the chime tune with any music stored on their mobile devices.

In addition the chime can serve as a home alarm, sounding off if a window or the like is broken.

Nucano says installation is just like any traditional doorbell, but with InControl software providing the automation smarts.

“In looking at the home automation market, we felt that ease-of-use and stand-out design were missing." the company says. "Fusing a smart door chime into a home intelligence hub gave us the opportunity to craft something truly unique.”

The door chime is currently up on preorder on Kickstarter, and will ship from February 2015 once it reaches its $95000 crowdfunding campaign goal.

Go Nucano Smart Door Chime (Kickstarter)