Bentley Mobile Phones via Vertu

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Here is something of a team up of British luxury brands-- Bentley and Vertu announce a exclusive 5-year partnership involving the release of five "Vertu for Bentley" branded smartphones over the next few months.

Vertu Signature“This partnership will allow Vertu to fully integrate with the Bentley brand; phones will be jointly designed by the Vertu and Bentley design teams reliant on a relationship that goes far deeper than the utilisation of materials and cues on design," Vertu says. "We’re confident that the Vertu for Bentley phones will appeal to our mutual customers’ desire for sophistication, craftsmanship and precision engineering.”

The first such handset will see launch on October 2014. Details involving specifications are unavailable but we assume it will be something like Vertu's latest, the Signature Touch (essentially an Android handset inside a very fancy shell),and all the the announcement press release speaks of is "authentic and iconic Bentley design elements", "luxury lifestyle services" and "exclusive Bentley content".

This is not Vertu's first partnership with a luxury auto maker-- it used to make Ferrari-branded phones such as the Ascent Ferrari GT and the Ferrari Ti Ascent.

Go Bentley and Vertu Signal New Luxury Phone Partnership