The First Bluetooth Padlock

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Fuz Designs suggests time is nigh for the end of padlocks using keys or-- with the Noke padlock, all users need to lock and unlock their belongings is a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone.

Noke padlockThe Noke padlock pairs with smartphones via app (iOS and Android) and Bluetooth 4.0. When in range of the paired phone the Noke unlocks with a simple press of the shank, with no need to launch the app or removing the phone from one's pocket.

But what if the user forgets their phone or it runs out of power? The Noke also has a solution with "quick-click" technology. This allows the user to unlock the padlock by tapping a pre-assigned click pattern on the hook.

The Noke itself runs on a CR3032 battery, which the makers claim provides up to a year of power.

Fuz Designs is currently taking Noke preorders via Kickstarter, with shipments to kick off (following success of the crowdfunding campaign, of course) on February 2015.

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