HomeKit-Compatible Automation from Elgato

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Elgato announces app-powered product and accessory range at IFA 2014, including the Eve connected home sensor lineup, the Alvea smart LED bulb and the Smart Power portable power solution.

Elgato EveThe Eve sensors gather air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption data before pushing all to a companion iOS app via Bluetooth Smart. The app provides users with a home overview, as well as insights on how to make their house smarter.

Meanwhile the Avea is an app-controllable LED bulb. Unlike similar lighting solutions (such as the Philips Hue smart bulbs) it does not require a bridge device, and users can coordinate multiple bulbs via single iDevice.

Controls provided by the app include dynamic mood lighting and a "Wake-Up Light" alarm function.

Smart PowerThe final Elgato device seen at IFA is the Smart Power. Essentially an app-enabled battery pack, the Smart Power uses Bluetooth Smart to show users exactly how much power it contains on a companion app, and can even remind users when it is time for charging or to take it with them during busy days.

It features 6000mAh capacity, adaptive charging (up to 2.4A/12W), optional calendar integration and an embedded USB cable.

Elgato is still to announce the release dates for the Eve sensor portfolio,  while the Ave and Smart Power are available now.

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