Withings Home Combines Camera, Sensors

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Withings launches a home-monitoring camera/environmental sensor combo at IFA 2014-- Home, a connected device featuring a camera, two microphones and temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.

Withings HomeThe camera portion features a 135-degree wide-angle zoom and "clear" night vision, allowing it to detect both general motion and the presence of people. Meanwhile the microphones detect sound and specifically  recognise crying, allowing use as a baby monitor.

It links to smartphones via app, and send alerts should it detect anything unusual. Such events are also stored on the cloud, providing users with an interactive timeline.

As for the environmental sensors, the company claims the device can help users build a healthier environment by alerting them to changes in temperature, humidity and air quality, including Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels.

Home construction is in genuine wood, with further useful additions including a remote controllable night-light, a base magnet for flexible positioning and tap control support. The device is also Apple HomeKit-compatible.

The Withings Home is available now.

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