Samsung Claims Faster Wifi

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Samsung announces the development of 60GHz wifi technology-- enabling wireless data transmission speeds of up to 4.6Gbps (or 575MB per second), a five-fold increase over the current 866Mbps maximum.

wifiThe company says it allows the transfer of a 1GB movie in less than 3 seconds, as well as real-time uncompressed HD video streaming from mobile devices to TVs.

According to Samsung the 802.11ad 60GHz wifi technology eliminates co-channel interference regardless the number of devices using the same network in order to maintain maximum speeds and remove the gap between theoretical and actual speeds. How so? Via the use of "micro beam-forming control technology" optimizing the communications module in less than 1/3000 seconds.

Also in use is a method allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously to a network.

Samsung says the technology will find commercial applications as early as 2015, and will be applied to products ranging from CE and smart home to the internet of things, medical devices and, of course, telecommunications equipment.

Go Samsung 60GHz Wifi Technology Accelerates Data Transmission by 5 Times