Adata's External HDD for TV Recording

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Storage maker Adata releases the HC500-- a 2.5-inch external HDD with TV recording and personal cloud features customers can connect directly to PCs and smart TVs.

Adata HC500Connectivity comes through USB 3.0, and once connected to TVs it provides full-featured video capabilities such as playback, rewind, fast-forward and program recording. Adata also provides customers with an online means to check whether their TVs are compatible with the HDD or not.

Included NTI Backup Now EZ software handles easy backups, while NTI MiST Personal Cloud provides users with a cloud backups and remote file access.

Local protection comes from proprietary G Shock Sensor Protection, which automatically starts up and displays a flashing red light in case of severe shock. A blue light flashes once normal operation resumes.

The HC500 is available now in a rugged metal finish in either gold or black.

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