Google's Nest Swallows Revolv

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Google-owned smart thermostat and smoke detector vendor Nest makes a second home automation-releated acquisition-- Revolv, the company behind the connected device home hub of the same name.

RevolvThe Revolv product offering consists of a red puck-shaped control device packing 7 radios combined with an iOS app and a cloud-based backend. It handles 10 protocols, and the free cloud service allows the creation of "actions" (aka scenes) based on geolocation, time or sensor activity.

Further details behind the deal are not available. The sale means Revolv will no longer sell its hub device, even if it promises its service will remain available for existing customers. Instead, the company will be putting its efforts into working on the "Works With Nest" open API program.

“Nest bought a team of people knowledgable in the interoperability of a wide variety of radio technology and software protocols in order to make integration easier for partners and customers,” Forrester analyst Frank Gillett tells Forbes.

As well as the Revolv acquisition Nest also announces the addition of 5 new Works with Nest partners-- ivie (voice-activated home assistant), Life360 (family locator service), Pebble (smartwatch), Rachio (sprinkler controller), and SNUPI Technologies (wireless sensor system).

Google bought Nest earlier this year for $3.2 billion. However, post-acquisition Nest insists it remains a separate company, and as such on June 2014 it bought connected camera startup Dropcam for $555 million.

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