Jawbone Intros Up3, Up Move Trackers

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Jawbone launches a pair of fitness trackers, one targeting the higher end of the market, the other the lower-- the Up3 multi-sensor health-tracking wearable and the puck-shaped Up Move tracker.

Jawbone Up3A successor to the Up24, the Up3 is the most sensor-heavy Jawbone fitness wearable yet. It features an tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors (use tiny electric currents to measure heart rate, respiration rate and galvanic skin response), skin sensors and an ambient temperature sensor, and the company claims it automatically detects a wide range of activities, such as running, cross-training and sports.

The actual hardware comes inside a Yves Béhar-designed water-resistant wristband, with a new easily adjustable clasp. Like its predecessors the Up3 features no display, and battery life clocks at around 7 days.

Up Move Meanwhile the Up Move is a small device similar to the Misfit Flash. Built out of anodised aluminium, it is designed to be kept in one's pocket, clasped to clothing (clip included) or slotted in a wrist strap accessory, and can track steps taken, activity and sleep.

An LED display shows the time, step progress and sleep progress, and all is powered by a regular watch battery.

Both Up3 and Move push data to mobile devices via Bluetooth and companion app, which in turn is crunched by the Jawbone Smart Coach fitness platform providing in-depth analytics on heart rate throughout the day.

The Jawbone Up3 and Move will be available by end 2014.

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