A 3D Printer… For Food

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This day and age, a 3D printer needs to be really special in order to garner descriptions such as "futuristic" or even "unique"-- But the Foodini might actually be that, as it is a 3D printer able to create actual foods.

FoodiniThe work of Barcelona-based Natural Machines, the Foodini uses the same technological principles as regular 3D printers. Obviously, instead of plastic filament it uses raw ingredients (as deployed via stainless steel capsules), which it prints out, layer by layer, until it forms food.

"It's the same technology," the company tells CNN. "In essence, this is a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven."

However one factor might make the Foodini unsuitable for the more lazy of customers-- it does not actually cook the food, and one still has to source their own ingredients. However, Natural Machines is working with food manufacturers to create pre-packaged ingredient capsules, as well as a future model able to cook food as well as prepare it.

In its current form the Foodini can also print elaborate edible designs (such as detailed cake decorations) and connect to the internet, making it "an Internet-of-Things connected kitchen appliance" allowing users to share printable recipes with the community.

Natural Machines hopes to begin manufacturing a first Foodini version aimed at chefs and kitchen professionals on H2 2015, before development starts on consumer version.

Go Natural Machines

Go Foodini Machine Lets You Print Edible Burgers, Pizza, Chocolate