GoPro to Launch Consumer Drones?

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GoPro DroneAction camera maker GoPro is working on a line of consumer drones, the Wall Street Journal reports, before adding the company plans launch "multirotor helicopters equipped with high-definition cameras" by end 2015.

Such drones will be priced at around $500-1000, a price range described as aggressive range for the nascent device category. However GoPro would face competition from the likes of Parrot and SZ DJI Technology, who already offer consumer drones with built-in cameras.

GoPro is no stranger to drone-based applications-- being small and tough while offering relatively high picture quality, GoPro cameras are frequently attached to drones, so much so a number of drone vendors bundle GoPro cameras with their product offerings.

Whichever way the story goes, it points out two facts-- action cameras are a big business opportunity, and lower-cost drones are set to become exactly that. Watch the skies!

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