A DefenDoor for Home Security

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Glate is the next company to take on the "smart" internet-connected doorbell category with the DefenDoor, a single device the company describes as a combination of "security guard, butler and concierge."

DefendDoorThe DefenDoor is a wireless waterproof device, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It essentially acts as a doorbell and security system, with a wide-angle lens camera (shoots 720p resolution images) and 2-way audio with echo cancellation. Users can pair it with up to 5 Glate motion and vibration sensors, which trigger the camera in case of events such as as an opened window.

The doorbell also sends alerts to smartphones "within seconds" of events, with either photos, voice messages or video feeds. Smartphones are also the means for DefenDoor setup, and users can even set MP3 files as custom alerts and tones.

Glate is currently looking to fund development of the DefendDoor via preorders on Kickstarter. Should the crowdfunding campaign be successful shipments should start from July 2015.

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