The High-Tech Earplugs

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Dubs"Hearables" maker Doppler Labs claims it wants to take care of your customers' hearing launches the Dubs Acoustic Filters-- a high-tech take on the humble earplugs acting as an "audio filter" against too loud noise.

According to the company the Dubs use "advanced acoustical physics" to reduce audio levels by an average of 12dB, with construction featuring 17 discrete parts. The result is audiophile-grade noise reduction, or at least an effect ideal for the listening of things such as conversation and music.

"The earplugs field was ripe for disruption," Doppler Labs says. "You can find foam earplugs in every airport in the nation, and they look like the first audio-protection idea anyone had-- create a soft foam shape and just stick it in your ear. Earplugs are awkward and unflattering. Doppler Labs was created to change that: to bring design, innovation and some style to a space that badly needs it."

The Dubs earplugs are available now in teal, blue, pink and white.

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