Parrot Brings CarPlay to Any Auto

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Parrot reveals a means for customers to add CarPlay-powered smarts to their auto dashboards at CES 2015-- the RNB 6 head unit, a double-DIN device featuring Apple CarPlay support even if it actually runs on Android.

Parrot RNB 6It features a 7-inch "IPS Pro" touchscreen, a 4 x 55W audio amplifier and a wide-angle "Super HDR" dash cam. Connectivity comes through Bluetooth 4.0 and 5GHz wifi, while further features include GPS, HDMI, microphone, ethernet and USB.

Meanwhile the OS (technically a modified version of Android 5.0) offers media playback navigation, telephony, air control, parking assistance and onboard diagnostics. The touchscreen switches Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces depending on the phone users plug in.

Parrot gives no actual launch date details, but we expect it to ship sometime during H2 2015.

Go Parrot at CES 2015