Audi Intros In-Car Tablet

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Audi is the first auto maker to launch an own brand in-car tablet-- the new Q7 car ships with the Audi Tablet, a premium aluminium device promising a more fulfilling rear seat entertainment experience.

Audi TabletThe Audi Tablet is a 10.1-inch Android number powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor. Being designed specifically for automotive use it connects to the on-board infotainment and navigation system via CANBus and has a matte display designed to reduce both reflections and micro-vibrations passing through the car.

Users can control various car functions without he tablets, such as climate control, entertainment and even navigations-- for example, one can forward a navigation waypoint from the tablet to the main stack in the front via wifi. It is also usable outside the car, although Audi does not suggest this as it automatically locks up if not returned to the in-car docking station (located in the front head restraints) within a month.

The auto maker also says the tablet's display is in special shatter-proof glass, meaning it won't cause further injuries in case one hits it with their face during accidents.

Should Audi drop the vehicle industry in favour of tablets? Perhaps not, but we imagine other auto makers to pick up on the idea of own-brand in-car tablets in the future…

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