The Face-Recognising Cameras of CES

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Netatmo SimplicamAccording to CES 2015 basic security cameras are simply not enough for today's customers-- such devices also need facial recognition smarts, such as those found in the Netatmo Welcome and the recently updated Simplicam.

The Welcome is an anodised aluminum cylinder armed with a camera, 130-degree lens and infrared LEDs. Like similar devices it provides customers with access to a 1920x1080 video feed via iOS, Android and PC/Mac apps, but  also adds a facial recognition component to tell who is coming in and out of the home.

Facial recognition simply involves taking a photo, and as it sees more of the home's occupants the Welcome promises to recognise them even better. It also sends custom notifications on whether someone arrived home (such as a kid coming back from school) or a stranger passes by. Furthermore the Welcome works in conjunction with attachable Tag accessories to track the motion of objects such as doors.

SimplicamThe second face-recognising camera seen at CES involves a software update-- the Arcsoft Simplicam was released last year, but where previously it only could "see" basic human presences (as in a person passing by), it can now recognise up to 10 faces.

Currently still in beta form, the camera's facial recognition feature is setup via Simplicam app, and according to Arcsoft takes around 1 minute. Recognised faces can trigger camera behavious, such as send alerts or stop recording.

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