Parrot Zik Sport Wireless Headphones

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Parrot launches what it describes as "the most advanced wireless sport headphones" at CES 2015-- the Zik Sport, a Philippe Stark-designed in-ear headset complete with adaptive noise canceling and built-in DSP features.

Parrot Zik SportThe headphones carry 8 microphones (6 for noise canceling, 2 for voice calls), as well as a heart rate sensor and pedometer. As a result the Zik Sport also include fitness tracking via companion smartphone app complete with heart rate, running speed, vertical oscillation and left/right step synchronisation.

Furthermore the fitness data can be shared with other (so far unspecified)health apps.

When it comes to audio Parrot says the Zik Sport feature "stunning" sound with 32-bit DSP, nose canceling handling both calm and noisy environments, and a "street mode" playing ambient sounds directly in the wearer's ears to ensure safe jogging in busy streets.

The Zik Sports should be available later this year on an as yet unspecified date.

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