Geneva Intros Model Cinema

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Swiss audio vendor Geneva launches a first TV soundbase-- the Model Cinema, a model the company describes as "a lifestyle sound system bristling with options and luxury user features."

Geneva Model CinemaIt carries 5 drivers-- four 2-inch tweeter/mids and one 5.25-inch woofer-- arranged in a wide stereo soundstage inside a slender enclosure divided into 3 acoustic chambers. Each driver is individually driven by matching Class D amps pushing up to 120W of power.

Connectivity comes through Bluetooth, analog RCA, digital optical, coax and stereo mini-jack, all supported by a dbx-TV "TotalVolume" algorithm to automatically equalize volume during advert breaks and channel changes. Further improving audio is proprietary DSP promising "seamless" optimisation and Geneva's Embracing Sound HD technology.

Control comes through an included aluminium remote.

The Model Cinema is available from February 2015 in either neutral matt white or black.

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