Universal Storage via Flex-Card

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The Power Company promises a solution for customers wanting to backup, transfer and stream files across all devices with the Flex-Card, a device compatible with different platforms without need for a cloud-based system.

Flex-CardTo do so, the portable (55x60mm) storage device features two flexible cables and multiple connectors-- namely USB 3.0, micro USB, Lightning, Apple 30-pin and even USB-C. The result is platform-agnostic storage usable with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices, without need for an internet connection.

"With all the problems people have experienced with the cloud and browser-based storage, the Flex-Card should make technology users feel more secure by not utilizing an Internet connection," the Power Company claims.

In addition the device features built-in file management and encryption, and can even charge smartphones or tablets when connected to a PC.

The Flex-Card is currently available as a preorder on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, where the company already smashed past an initial $3000 goal. It should start shipping from November 2015.

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