Intel Intros Quad-Core Broadwells

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Intel uses Computex 2015 to announce the delayed 5th generation of quad-core Broadwell processors for notebook and desktop computer use, all promising power consumption and performance improvements.

BroadwellThe processors also feature boosted integrated graphics via Iris Pro Graphics 6200-- the most powerful client processor graphics and media engine from the company yet. It features a 65W thermal design point (TDP) making it ideal for a broad range of PC form factors, including mini PCs and desktop All-in-Ones (AIOs).

The quad-core Broadwell lineup features 5 desktop and 5 notebook CPUs, as spread across the Core i5 and i7 chip families. The desktop chips are split into two families (the R-series BGA CPUs and the C-series socketed chips), while the notebook chips include 3 quad-core, 8-threaded CPUs featuring the aforementioned Iris Pro 6200 GPU.

Base CPU clock speeds are relatively low, clocking from 3.3 to 2.5GHz, and support for 1866MHz DDR3 RAM comes as standard.

All the above mentioned Broadwell chips should hit the market in various products starting from July 2015.

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