Apple, USB Type-C Driver

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Taiwanese integrated circuit vendors, including ASMedia Technology, Etron technology and VIA Labs are preparing for widespread adoption of USB 3.1 Type-C solutions in notebooks and smartphones, DigiTimes reports.

USB TypeCSuch adoption mainly stems from one company-- Apple, specifically through the inclusion of a USB Type-C port in the latest MacBook series. The supposed upcoming "enterprise iPad" is also said to feature a USB Type-C port.

Being a universal connector, USB Type-C promises to eliminate the frustration with finding how needs to insert a connector in a USB port (it takes 3 tries, the nerd joke suggests). The standard also pushes up to twice the theoretical throughput of USB 3.0 while providing more power.

Further boosting the standard's appeal is support by upcoming Intel Skylake processors. China already sees USB Type-C support through a trio of smartphones from LeTV.

From the aforementioned companies, ASMedia sells high-speed USB 3.1 chips, while Etron offers a "complete" USB Type-C offering as well as DisplayPort and MHL controller chips.

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