MediaTek Announces HomeKit Support

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MediaTek is the next chip designer after Broadcom, Marvell and Texas Instrument to support Apple HomeKit, with a pair of software development kits (SDKs) handling the iOS-based home device control framework.

HomeKit"By adding HomeKit support, MediaTek takes another step in our mission to connect the world's next billion people," the company says. "Customers have been looking for innovative, simple and secure technologies that power their home and our new SDKs with HomeKit support delivers that to them."

The SDKs support two MediaTek SoCs, the MT7688 and MT7687. The MT6788 is a Linux-powered SoC designed for high-performance applications such as wireless speakers and webcams, while the MT7687 is a low-power wifi SoC ideal for home appliances such as garage doors, power switches and thermostats.

Either way both SoCs allow for remote control via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and HomeKit. As the Apple puts it, HomeKit is the "framework for communicating with and controlling connected home automation accessories that support Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol. HomeKit apps enable users to discover compatible accessories and configure them."

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