The Kangaroo Smartphone-Size Win 10 PC

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InFocus presents a portable desktop PC claiming to be the smallest in the world-- the Kangaroo, Windows 10 machine packed in a device the size of a smartphone.

Kangaroo PCThe Kangaroo carries a 2.24GHz Intel Cherrytrail (Atom Z8500) SoC, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage (expandable to 128GB via microSD card slot) and an onboard battery, making it able to handle light PC-style use and media playback. It measures 124 x 80.5 x 12.9mm, weighs 200g and connects to displays via HDMI, while Bluetooth 4.0 handles the addition of peripherals. Wifi takes care of the internet.

Further connectivity comes through the Kangaroo Dock, an removable accessory adding x1 HDMI port, x2 USB ports and a DC power port. The maker adds users can even pair it to an iPad via free OS Link iOS app for the ultimate in portable desktop setups.

"Consumers own many different devices including tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. Each device is used in different locations for different purposes. Kangaroo is the first product to allow you to use the same PC for all applications, in any environment," InFocus says. "Unlike stick PCs and other pocket PCs, Kangaroo works with all of your existing devices and can be docked at home or tossed in your bag to use anywhere, powering and providing Windows 10 access on the go."

The Kangaroo PC is available now, with more (as yet unspecified) accessories to follow sometime in the future.

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