Durmet Presents Infidelity-Detecting Mattress

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Customers going through trust issues with their spouses or partners might soon find a solution for such woes-- the Smarttress, a connected mattress maker Durmet describes as "the first mattress that detects deception."

SmarttressSuch detection comes through 24 sensors embedded in the springs able to tell not only when the bed is being "used," but also the parts involved. Should it detect "someone is using your bed in a questionable way" the Smarttress pushes an alert to a companion app. Obviously.

An ominously soundtracked promo video shows how the Smarttress app features even more smarts than mere user detection, such as a "Speedometer" and "intensity and impact per minute" metrics. However customers paranoid enough to want such a mattress need to keep track of the battery powering it (which is removable and rechargeable via USB).

Amusingly, the technology behind the Smarttress was previously used by Durmet for far more innocent purposes-- a baby mattress keeping track of how and when an infant is moving. However the baby Smarttress failed to make it to market, necessitating a rejigging of the concept.

The Smarttress is available now.

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