Alexa Adds Voice Smarts to Triby Kitchen Hub

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The Invoxia Triby looks like little more than a cute wireless speaker, but the addition of the Alexa voice assistant turns it into a voice-controlled hub customers designed for use portable use around the home.

TrilbyAs the first 3rd party device to feature Alexa functionality, the Triby does everything Amazon's Echo devices. It connects to the internet via wifi and uses Bluetooth to pair with mobile devices, and allows users to make VoIP calls, search the internet, stream music and control other home devices through their voice.

It also has a plus over Echo devices-- a small eInk display able to show messages and doodles pushed via companion mobile app. In a particularly cute touch, a mechanical flag pops out of the side whenever the Triby receives a message.

The built-in battery is rechargeable via micro-USB, while magnets on the back mean users can stick the Triby on the fridge to create a simple hands-free kichen control hub of sorts.

The Triby is available now in grey, red, green or blue. However one has to keep in mind the Alexa functionality only works in the US at the moment.

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